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Dual Track System

China’s Gradual Economic Reform and Opening to trade (1978-1992) dual Track Economy Starting in 1978 the Chinese economic policy makers slowly phased in market prices. They used a dual price system where production quotas are set and the output is sold to the state at the (usually lower)

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Start studying Psych exam 4 (2). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. Describe the dual-track system by which our body responds to stress. Two track system – Sympathetic nervous system: release of catecholamine (adrenalin)

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The dual-track price system is the intermediate price system from the state control price system to the free market price system. In China prior to 1978, most prices were set by the government.

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The dual pricing system in China was intended, on the one hand, to keep preexisting economic interrelationships coordinated under the state plan, with an eye to avoiding further conflict among the already divided economic interests of the various sectors, while on the other hand drawing a growing part of production and distribution into new.

Chapter 14 . Objective 1| Identify some behavior-related causes of illness and death, and describe health psychology’s contribution to the field of behavioral medicine. Objective 2| Discuss the role of appraisal in the way we respond to stressful events. Objective 3| Describe the dual-track system by which our body responds to stress, and identify the three phases of the general adaptation.

Under China’s dual-track system, in which the command economy and the market economy coexisted, transition was to be achieved through a gradual strengthening of the market and a step-by-step weakening of the plan. This approach had obvious advantages, including the opening up of opportunities for the development of the private sector, which led to bursts of previously suppressed creativity.