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Florida law firm fires 14 employees for wearing orange

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On March 16, at least 14 employees of the Elizabeth R. Wellborn law firm, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, wore orange shirts to work.. Fired for Wearing the Wrong Color Shirt: The Scary.

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14 fired at law firm for wearing orange shirts, workers report.. the employees were wearing orange, and they all were fired.. Florida is an "at-will" state for employment. That means unless.

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They weren’t wearing sagging pants or revealing clothing. But dressing in an orange shirt is apparently enough to get fired at one Florida law firm, where 14 workers were unceremoniously let go last Friday. In an interview with the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, several of the fired workers say they

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5 reviews of Wellborn Elizabeth ESQ "Do NOT give this company any business. They wrongfully terminated 14 workers for wearing orange shirts, not violating any policy. Read all about it..

Elizabeth R. Wellborn P.A., a Deerfield Beach, Florida law firm, allegedly fired 14 employees because they all wore orange shirts on payday, a move management viewed as a kind of protest, The Daily Mail reports.The employees claim that the matchy-matchy outfits had become somewhat of a tradition among workers who liked to dress similarly when that went out together for drinks after work on.

The Florida law firm where workers said they were fired for wearing orange is defending itself, saying some workers were bullying a manager. Elizabeth R. Wellborn law firm in Deerfield Beach, Fla.