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A bad credit score can be as scary to share with your husband as many other secrets. The good news: Bad credit scores aren’t contagious. If you’ve made some mistakes in the past, you won’t hurt your husband’s credit score just by getting married. However, it may hamper your.

Can I Still Get a Mortgage if my Spouse Has Bad Credit? This is a great question and it comes up quite often. Let’s take a moment and discuss your options, whether you are looking to either purchase a new home or refinance a property you already own.

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 · It will just take a bit more planning. Here are some options that one or both of you can pursue to get into a home and foster your marriage (and credit score) for years to come. Leave Your Spouse Off of The Mortgage. The problem with applying for a mortgage with your spouse, assuming they have bad credit, is that it impacts your ability to qualify.

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Florida Court Sides with Bank in Key Mortgage Liability Case A Florida appeals court ruled in favor of a reverse mortgage lender in a foreclosure case, signaling an industry victory in the state over the often tricky issue of non-borrowing spouses. The case involved Roberto and Luisa Palmero, a Florida couple that took out a reverse mortgage with Value financial mortgage services in December 2006.

Getting a Mortgage Loan When Your Partner Has Bad Credit. October 26, so if your spouse has bad credit, you could really get socked in that department.. Fastbase Inc. Retains Maxim Group.

Ditch your spouse when buying that house.. If your spouse, then, has a credit score that low, you might think about applying for a mortgage loan on your own.. it’s time to help rehabilitate.

Florida Government Home Loans – USDA Mortgage Source Luckily, the federal government and Florida state government have stepped in and created programs specifically for first-time home buyers. Even if you don’t have much to put toward a down payment, or you need a low interest rate, these loans and mortgage programs are.