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Mike Tyson Found The Perfect Actor To Play Mike Tyson In New Biopic

During a recent interview, actor Jamie Foxx confirmed that his Mike Tyson biopic is still a priority and that director Martin Scorsese is still attached.

Finally, Jamie Foxx is attached to star in an untitled Mike Tyson biopic, which is still in devleopment. and you can’t really say that about many, many films.” Actors also relish the chance to play.

Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson through the ages in upcoming biopic after just turning 50. Jamie was one of a raft of big names at the Mercedes Benz lavish party, held at the Four Seasons Hotel including Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch and Anthony Anderson. Jamie had guests in hysterics when he danced beside the red carpet and then fooled around with guests.

 · Mike Tyson Mysteries-an Adult Swim cartoon in which Tyson, voicing himself, unravels Scooby-Doo-ish plots with the help of his adopted daughter, a talking pigeon, and the.

2004 Best Actor winner Jamie Foxx will be playing the enigmatic boxer, Mike Tyson.

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An HIV scare involving a porn movie actor has spurred another call to halt production in California’s adult film industry. The Free Speech Coalition, a California-based trade group representing the.

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That it took so long for his remarkable story to make it to the screen is mostly a testament to the racial animus of the time-but a modern biopic of Louis is long. game who is abruptly sent to.