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Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news

Obama vs. Clinton, super tuesday While John McCain can now celebrate his new status as the Republican front-runner, the Democratic candidates now offer a quite hard choice as the rumour says that Barack Obama is the only one who can beat john mccain in the "final round".

Hillary Clinton Super Tuesday remarks: we must make America whole | Hillary Clinton It’s Super Tuesday in Arkansas as ten other states. Go vote! Today will go a long way toward determining each party’s nominee for president. What are your predictions for the day?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are aiming to widen their advantage in the Republican and Democratic presidential races in five states on a "Super Saturday" of primaries and caucuses.

Excerpt: Super Tuesday was a bad night for the anti-Trump forces and a bad night for Rubio. It’s not the end, but it’s a disappointing setback. The worst news for Trump foes: Trump has won ten states. Cruz has won four; Rubio, one.

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Donald Trump celebrated his successful super tuesday with a White House- style news conference at his massive. While other candidates hold rallies and victory speeches, Trump. As MSNBC's Brian Williams pointed out, Trump clearly wanted to look “presidential” during this event and.. Next Slide.

Christie endorsed Trump prior to the Super Tuesday primaries and. Please, sir, may I have another?" "I mean, he really is a sad, desperate little potato back there .. SNL's cold open also hit Hillary Clinton for "bringing 10 people and 1. President Trump: We're Not Ready To Make A Deal With China.

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The presidential candidate will speak at Democrats' Clinton Dinner in Little Rock this August.. None, Raised, Depressed, Uniform, dropshadow. font family. president. arkansas' Democratic Primary will be held as part of "Super Tuesday" on March 3, 2020.. Another candidate for president, U.S. Sen.

 · Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (R) and Bill Clinton (L) wave to a cheering crowd. | Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images There was a moment when Hillary thought the presidency would be.

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Hillary Clinton used her victory speech after winning six states on Super Tuesday to attack Donald Trump, all but ignoring her rival for the Democratic nomination for president, Bernie Sanders. "We know we’ve got work to do," Clinton told a cheering crowd in Miami, Florida."But that work is not making America great again.