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The return of subprime lending

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Subprime Lending. Not that many years ago, subprime loans almost brought down the global economy. The financial world collectively vowed to never again go overboard advancing money to people considered unlikely to pay it back. But in the U.S., some forms of subprime are on the rise again, primarily in auto loans and also in small-business lending.

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tion of subprime lending should seek to curb abusive prac– tices while preserving. to be riskier, resulting in lower returns to the lender despite the higher rates.

As mortgage interest rates rise and fewer prime borrowers are in the market to refinance, lenders are starting to loosen credit standards again, years after the housing crisis sparked a flight to quality. But amid growing compliance requirements and increased regulatory scrutiny, will this time be different?

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Return of subprime lending Gumbinger says that it took years for lenders to get past the bad loans of yesterday, manage troubled homeowners and become comfortable with the new rules of the mortgage market.

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Once considered toxic, subprime mortgages get rebranded as. an attractive return, ranging from 7% to 12% annually, by lending to them.

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It is hard to make money from lending to the government when bond yields are negative. A rising yield curve thus gives the best currency-hedged returns: the yield is high at the long end but short.

What, then, would happen if suddenly subprime loans were banned. into the subprime market is to return to the older form of lending, which.