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What is Really Happening with Home Prices?

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Multiple factors contributed to a downturn in home prices and the economy a little. Whatever side of the housing market you happen to be on the moment, supply in the housing market is actually a measurement in months.

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Home values have softened over the last twelve months. We are no longer seeing 6-7% annual appreciation levels for the national housing market. The current numbers are closer to 4%. Some have suggested that year-over-year appreciation levels could fall to 3% or less this year.

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What’s happening to house prices? Monthly house prices are unchanged (0%), while the average annual rate of house price growth slows to 2.1% (the lowest it has been since July 2013).

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After years of strong gains, U.S. home prices could be threatened by new headwinds — here's why.

What your home’s listing price should be largely depends on what similar homes, or "comps," recently sold for in your area. To price your home, your agent will run the average sales prices of at least three comps to assess your home’s value.

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