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Quiet Title Actions: A quiet title action is a lawsuit brought in circuit court where the property is located to clear title to real property. After purchasing a property at a tax deed sale, it is common to file a quiet title action to ensure that other potential interest holders’ claims are wiped out forever.

14-2-5501 State v. Souvenier, App. Div. (per curiam) (33 pp.) Defendant subjected his former girlfriend and her disabled cousin to an ordeal during which he beat, terrorized and repeatedly threatened.

After the resident defaulted on her sublease agreement with the company, HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. bought the condo at a foreclosure sale in December 2009, Harbour Vista said in its lower-court.

 · Quiet Title is Possible in Florida Foreclosure Actions Elizabeth Spencer, Appellant, vs. EMC Mortgage Corporation, Appellee.. Spencer defaulted on the Note and Mortgage, and accordingly, the then title holder to the Note accelerated payment of the entire amount due and owing on the Note and Mortgage.". Quiet Title is Possible in Florida.

Quiet Title Lawsuits and the Mortgage Securitization (MERS) Argument By: Michael Powers. By now, you have probably heard of the MERS system and mortgage backed securities. The MERS system was the system used to transfer, sell and “pool” millions of mortgages into mortgage backed securities during the mid to late 2000’s.

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 · Florida Expedited Foreclosure The Florida foreclosure process as detailed above is extremely long. It is one of the longest in the country with the average one taking up to 893 days, which is about two and a half years.

One or another of (i) a wrongful foreclosure action (ii) quiet title action or (iii) motion to vacate a judgment of foreclosure and sale can be commenced in any State in the United States for an initial legal fee of about $6,000, plus court filing fees (about $300) and any fees for service of process (about $300).

Now, more than ever homeowners facing foreclosure in South Florida should retain an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer to protect their legal rights. Foreclosure is the legal process by which your lender asks the court for permission to sell your house at.

Florida refinance a home and hard money Home loan refinancing puts extra cash into consumers’ hands that can be used to pay off existing debt or funnel money into the economy through. But homeowners in Florida, and other hard-hit housing.